Friday, March 11, 2011

Baby's Heartbeat...and maybe a little crazy

So I had my 2nd pre-natal appointment today and once again was brought to tears.  I got to hear the baby's heartbeat today, that little whoosh whoosh sound, and it was probably the most amazing thing I have ever heart.  To hear the life growing inside of you is just amazing!  I teared up and then the mid-wife teared up (which makes me so happy to have gone with the mid-wife program at UCSD, more on that in a different post) and I was awe struck.  It still is a little bit of an out of body experience since I still can't feel the little one but still so very amazing.  I am 13 weeks now so we only have to wait a mere 2 weeks before we can get an early ultrasound to determine whether we are having a little girl or a little boy.  I know of a place that will do it at 14 weeks but Jeremiah wants us to wait an extra week so that we can be even more sure that we will see results. 

I am still not really showing, I still look like I just have a larger than usual pouch but my stomach is getting harder and apparently, according to the mid-wife I saw today, you can feel my uterus.  I am looking forward to showing but at the same time it makes me anxious, weird I know.  I am not sure what exactly I am anxious about, the attention it will bring or the realization that this is all so real.  Hmm, I'm really not sure. 

So on to the crazy Sally...I was so excited to hear the baby's heart beat and Jeremiah was disappointed that he couldn't be there so...I bought a fetal doppler on eBay!!!  Am I totally crazy?!?!?!  I am blaming it on us being totally excited 1st time parents.  Plus I am telling myself that all my other friends that are getting pregnant soon can use it to hear their little ones too, right?  The things that are available to buy on the internet really make it dangerous for a person like me :)! 

So, am I crazy? 


ruthie said...

i think its a great idea. why is that crazy. i can use it, lisa can use it, i am sure multiple people will get some use out of it. plus then the rest of us that dont go to the dr with you can hear the heartbeat too

Shannon said...

I think it would be such a cool way to connect with the baby...wish I had done it.