Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So how am I feeling?

That seems to be the question everyone is asking me.  Short answer:  tired but good.  Long answer:  I get tired in the evenings, I have waves of nausia in the afternoons and if I eat something to acidic, dairy based, or citric then I have terrible heartburn and an upset stomach but overall I am feeling good.  Honestly I don't feel that bad and I am happy for the icky-ness that I am feeling because that means that things are going good and that makes me feel happy. 

Mentally...I am anxious, excited, happy, giddy, a little nervous but overall just so happy to be pregnant and growing a little life inside of me.  When Jeremiah and I went to get the sonogram I told him that it was kind of like an out of body experience because one minute I was looking at this screen with this little baby moving around and its heart was beating but it was just like I was watching a movie or something.  Then all of a sudden it clicked, I realized that the little baby on the screen was mine and was INSIDE me!  It was all at once, exciting, scary and then tear jerking.  I was so anxious just to get to the sonogram to make sure that everything was okay this time that I never stopped to realize that I was about to see our very own child full of life and kicking up a storm.  I was so amazed to see the amount of movement so early and it was weird to see something moving inside of you but not being able to feel it; it was truly surreal.  Now all I want to do is get more sonograms to see our little baby again! 

Jeremiah...the is just becoming more and more adorable everyday.  He wants to say hi to my belly (that isn't even big yet) in the mornings and he bugs me everyday about drinking my milk (eww) and taking my vitamins.  I know that he will be an amazing father and I can't wait to see him hold our baby for the 1st time.

I am already designing nurseries and choosing names but I think I'll probably wait till we find out the sex before I start getting to crazy with vision boards and name combos.  For now, I am just napping to battle the exhaustion and waiting patiently to see our little one once again.


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