Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Remember the kitchen project...

that I started last May?  Well I am just now putting the final touches on it, practically a year later.  I re-did the counter tops and added a back splash with the help of my friend Jessica in June but nothing has really happened since then.  Wedding season came and I got so busy and just never had time to paint or finish things off.  Soooooo, bottom line is I am currently in the process of painting the kitchen walls a really pretty taupe color and I hope to add this design to the area behind the stove as a little accent.  Then all I need is new flooring in there and voila, I'll be done.  Well at least until I find something else to tweak or change.  I have been really reconsidering our washer/dryer situation, especially with a new baby and all.  We currently have an apartment style stack-able washer/dryer unit but the washer barrel is TINY, and I do mean TINY.
 I am really longing to get some front loaders and build a cabinet/counter top around it.  Similar to this...
Yes, I would be going back to the problem I had before with the big machines in the middle of the kitchen but they would be concealed in a cabinet and it would create extra counter space, really a WIN WIN.  I could even buy mismatch machines on craigslist or on clearance from a discount store because they would be in the cabinet!  (I literally thought of that this instant, now I am even more excited to start looking for new machines) 

Painted kitchen pics soon, probably next week since I have a wedding this weekend that I will start prepping for tomorrow so I won't finish the paint job till Sunday afternoon.

P.S.  can you tell I am getting my energy back?!?!?!

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