Thursday, December 18, 2008

Frugal Christmas for ME!!!

(picture of my sister, brother and I Christmas morning, circa 1986)

Well it's Christmas time again...only 1 week till Christmas and I have not done any Christmas shopping. Maybe that's because I have no money!!!!! Starting your own business is hard and everything I make seems to go towards regular bills like car insurance, gas and advertising. Someday soon I keep promising myself that I will be able to buy things like I used to but until then I'll just have to wish.

So this year for Christmas since I can't buy gifts I decided to do a little research on how to have a "Low Cost Christmas" and found some great ideas and websites.

Some really neat ideas I found are (the ones in purple are the ones I plan on doing)...
  • burned copies of CD's
  • burned copies of DVD's
  • Recipe cards of favorite recipe accompanied by actual dish/goody
  • Real cupcake, cupcake baked in a cool coffee mug (dollar store or thrift store)
  • Homemade coupons
  • Dollar store finds
  • Re-Gift (we all have random gifts from showers or parties that we can give away)
  • Little potted flower bulb to watch grow throughout year
I am getting really excited for Christmas now; plus we need to remember the real reason for the Christmas season and not get caught up in the gifts. I would much rather go on a family vacation and/or spend quality time with friends and family then receive lots of things that seem cool Christmas morning but that really mean nothing.
Hope these ideas help and hope that everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season!!!!!

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Caroline B said...

that picture is precious sally.