Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wedding Gown Shopping

So my sister and I were running errands on Monday and decided to pop into a bridal shop to try on wedding dresses...BIG MISTAKE!!! I had thought that I would always be reasonable and level headed when it came to wedding dress shopping, WRONG!!! They were all so pretty and I totally got caught up in the girls selling me. They totally convinced me that I had found "THE ONE"!!! I left feeling physically and emotionally exhausted and completely confused. Luckily I had my sister there to tell me to "walk away".

When she was looking for dresses I was the one telling her to "walk away", "think about it", "lets keep looking" and I thought that I would be able to tell myself those things but I was completely WRONG. I woke up the next morning and realized I didn't even really like the dress that I so desperatly had to have the day before. It is crazy how easily the sales girls played on my emotions, I am embarrased. I will definately keep looking and I am very excited to try on more pretty dresses :). I have posted a picture of a dress that I really like.


Liz said...

Yes I have decided that shopping is definately an emotional thing, ESPECIALLY for something so important as a wedding dress! However, when we think that we will only wear it ONCE it still doesn't matter! he he he.

Sally P said...

exactly what I kept trying to tell myself but I was so easily caught up in the moment :)

Rachel said...

the dress is gorgeous! Wedding dress shopping is so extremely exhausting but also SOOOO exhilarating and fantastic! You will know when it's "The One"...take your time... (well, not too much time since you are getting married in 4 months)