Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jeremiah job news

Well we got the "unofficial" word today...Jeremiah has been interviewing for a job in Sacramento for over 2 months now and when we finally thought that it was done and he was going to get the job, they up and eliminated the position all together. The company he works for is going through a lot of changes and restructuring and I guess they decided that they no longer require the position that he was applying for. He had been really excited about the job and the move to Sacramento so I am really sad for him because he is pretty disappointed. He was really ready to move away and have a change in environment and get out on his own. But...the good news is that he will be staying in San Diego!

Meanwhile I am busy today with making holiday wreaths and arrangements for delivery. I have a really busy wedding schedule coming up so I getting ready for that as well. My big excitement is that I get to go see Twilight for the 3rd time tomorrow. I babysat a dog for a friend of mine while she was out of town so she offered to take me to the movies as re-payment and since nothing is really playing right now I decided to go see Twilight again!!!! I know I know I am like an obsessed teenager but what can I say...I love Edward Cullen!!!


Liz said...

So how was Twilight for the 3rd time? Is Miah feeling better?

Rachel said...

I love Edward Cullen's all good Sally!!! I love your blogspot- you crack me up!