Sunday, December 21, 2008

We're Engaged!!!

So in case you haven't heard by now or have not heard the story...Miah and I are FINALLY Engaged!!!!! So, the engagement story is...

On Thursday night he decided that we were going to go to Big Bear to go snowboarding because of all the fresh snow. We made reservations to go up on Friday night and snowboard on Saturday. On Saturday morning the 1st thing we did was go get a sit down restaurant! For normal people this would be fine, just a regular meal, but for Miah to spend money on a sit down breakfast is very rare especially on a snowboarding trip. Usually, we just head right for the slopes and eat something fast but on Saturday he seemed to be in no hurry to get there. I should have been more suspicious but I was just along for the ride. After breakfast we headed for the mountain, bought our lift ticket and headed up on the lift. (Side note: all morning Miah kept asking me if I had my camera, over and over he kept asking for it but again I was paying no attention.)

So we get to the top of the lift and head down for our 1st run, as usual my boots were to loose so at the bottom of the slope I stopped to tighten them and Miah said "can't you just tighten your boots when we get back up to the top" and I said "No I want to do it now." So I tightened my boots and we got back on the lift to go up for our 2nd run. Nothing unusual on that ride up but he did say that he wanted to go off the trail to board through the fresh powder in the trees and I said OK. When we got to the edge of the trail there was a big WARNING sign that said DANGER, possible injury or death and Snow Summit is not responsible so I started to get a little scared. I didn't want to go off trail and end up dying!!!

I ended up going off trail and it was pretty fun and I passed Miah up and he called out for me to wait for him so I sat down and waited for him to catch up. When he caught up we sat down and looked out at the pretty view. Then it started...he started getting nervous and saying weird things. He was talking about how beautiful it was there and how he just wanted to take a nap, all very uncharacteristic things for Jeremiah to say but still I wasn't catching on. Then he asked me if I wanted to make a snowman and I said "not really" but he didn't give up, he kept asking and asking until finally I said "Fine." So we started making a snowman but the snow was so powdery it was kind of hard and he started acting really weird. He was asking me random questions and getting frustrated with the snow. Then I noticed he was on his knee making the snowman, not just sitting in the snow like I was. That was when I started to get suspicious and things started to click. Next he asked me for my Ipod and I said "why do you want my Ipod, where is your Ipod?" He just told me, "give me your Ipod" so I gave it to him and he put on Tim McGraws "My Best Friend" and I started to get even more suspicious.

As the song played blaring through my ear bud speakers a couple more random nervous comments were made and finally in his very SERIOUS/CHURCH/WORK voice (it is a very scripted and deep tone that he uses sometimes in serious situations that I always tell him is to un-natural), he said..."So Sally I brought you here for a reason" and I immediately knew why but blurted out "Don't give me a church speech" and he laughed and said, as he pulled a red ring box from the snow, "Fine, Sally WILL YOU MARRY ME." I started crying and said "YES" and he said "Why did you have to act so difficult?" I admit I was being kinda stubborn but at first I just thought he was being weirdo Jeremiah and then when I figured it out I didn't want to act obvious like I knew.

The whole thing was very funny the way it played out and it was very "Jeremiah and Sally" :). I couldn't have asked for a more perfect or classic engagement story!!!

So after all that we sat and talked very excitedly about what had just happened and laughed at ourselves, him for being so awkward and nervous, me for being stubborn Sally and not going along with anything he wanted me to do. Then we started calling our friends and family to share the news!!!

While I was talking on the phone, which took 2 hours, Miah carved an "S" into the tree behind our snowman so that we will be able to come back and visit our spot over the years. We had a lot of fun telling everyone the story and are very excited to be engaged...after all these years!!!

No real plans yet for the wedding, just settling in as a newly engaged couple. It feels very exciting and very surreal to actually be engaged. No more having people ask "so when are you guys gonna get married?" It feels wonderful and I can't wait to be married to Jeremiah!!! He truly is MY BEST FRIEND and such a wonderful person. We have grown up together over the last 10 years and have experienced so much that I could never imagine my life without him in it.


Marcie said...

I am so excited for you both! I've been waiting for this too. Knowing that Jeremiah was going to propose and not knowing when was hard for me!! I was so excited!! I am so Happy...I always knew you would be my sister-in-law! The kids all called you Aunt Sally already. Or Almost Aunt...haha! I'm sure now you will have a great Christmas!!Wish I could be there! See you soon! I can't wait to look at all the wedding stuff!!Love you both,Marcie :)

Rachel said...

Congratulations Sally!!! I am so happy for you and Miah!!! Love the proposal story- SO Miah & Sally. Good job on the ring too!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone is celebrating. We couldn't be happier for the two of you, and yes, for all of us too.

Liz said...

We are all so excited for you guys! It is so surreal that you guys are getting married, I'm so anxious for that day too! Congratulations to you both and big hugs! All of us girls are so excited to have another sister (we thought of you as one already anyway!) Love you, Elizabeth

redheadchick said...

You know I never got a close up on that ring of yours, it is absolutely gorgeous!!!