Friday, March 20, 2009

Invites are out

So, I FINALLY got the wedding invites out today!!!!  One problem though...I had them all addressed and stamped with cute little sunflower stamps placed on them and I sa so excited at how cute everything looked.  Then I went to the post office...I got to the counter and decided to make sure that I had the correct amount of postage so I handed one invite over to the man on the other side.  He took it and weighed it and then told me that it needed 17 more cents!!!!  "Well" I asked, "Do you have 17 cent sunflower stamps?"  He replied "No" with a smile and said "all we have are these blue goat head stamps."  My heart sunk, "NOOOOO!"  I thought, "how tacky."  He then informed me that I should have bought the "wedding stamps" which have a value of 59 cents and this would have not been a problem.  It was to late now...all the invites had their stamps on them!!!  He actually looked sorry for me and told me that if he had put the goat next to the sunflower stamp his wife would have killed him..."thanks for the advice!"  

Anyway, with a sad feeling in my heart the invites went out with a cute sunflower stamp and then an ugly blue goat head stamp!  Oh well, I'm not perfect and I don't pretend to be so it will be ok.  It's just a stamp and the important thing is the marriage and not the postage on the invites.

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