Monday, March 2, 2009

Critical Mass bike ride

Just wanted to share a couple pics from my weekend.  Jeremiah and I went on the Critical Mass bike ride through San Diego on Friday night.  Ok, well not through San Diego, we had a bit of disaster with his bike (the pedal fell off) so we were a little behind and when I stopped at Henry's in Hillcrest for a water, we lost the group.  The ended up at 30th and Fern in South Park and we ended up at University and 8th in Hillcrest.  Basically when they went right, I led Jeremiah left but we still had a lot of fun.  We went with a group that wore 70's basketball gear...hence the cute outfits but as usual Jeremiah's tipped the scales for best outfit.  Imagine him riding his bike through Hillcrest in that outfit, he is very secure :).  

It was a really great experience and we are definitely going to do it again next month, the riders meet at the fountain in Balboa Park the last Friday of every month around 8 PM and take off from there.  They go through Balboa Park, over the Prado bridge onto 6th avenue and then wherever the crowd leads.  They have been known to end up in Mission Valley and sometimes in Pacific Beach! When we were there, the rider count was easily 1100-1200 people so it is quite a sight to see.  If anyone is interested it is a fun, free outing on a Friday night and we will be there on March 27th.

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Shannon said...

Sounds like so much fun! I think Tyson and Shawn have gone on that ride a couple of times...I have heard some pretty crazy stories from it.
I'm impressed with Miah's security in his masculinity :)