Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wedding Ceremony

So I was planning the entire wedding weekend itinerary right now and instead of finishing it up I got distracted and started planning the ceremony. Lots to decide on...songs need to be selected (I think I got most of the ones I want), scripture needs to be selected (I have narrowed it down to a few) and vows need to be selected. I definitely want to have traditional wedding vows but I can't seem to find the ones I want. There are so many variations, maybe I will piece a couple together.

Now I need to decide on the "Unity" portion of the ceremony...sand, candles, other ideas.  I kind of want to do something totally different, any ideas? Maybe I can incorporate something really special to Jeremiah and I. I will definitely have to think about that one.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated?

I am posting this video because ever since I saw Father of the Bride when I was 10 years old I have always loved this scene, even when I watch it now I get tears in my eyes...I think I will just copy this ceremony and fulfill one of my biggest child hood fantasies :).

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