Monday, March 23, 2009


It is only 53 days till Miah and I wed and we still have not made a decision on where we are going to live.  Initially we will live at mine and my sisters house on Trojan Avenue in the SDSU area but then shortly after that we will have to move and we still have no idea where.  Jeremiah plans on buying a house but can't stomach buying a house in the San Diego market so his latest scheme is to buy in Temecula!!!  Yes you can get LOTS more bang for your buck but it's Temecula!!!  I guess it's better than Texas...sorry to my Texan sister-in-laws (Ya'll know you want to come "home" to CA ;).  We'll just wait to see what happens and if we move it will be an adventure and a lot of gas.  

P.S. Twilight is out on DVD and I still don't own it!!!  I was sure I would have it the moment it hit the shelves but I haven't had a moment to get to Target and buy it :(.  Darn WORK, you're getting in the way of me and my "fictional character true love" Edward Cullen!!!

P.S.S.  My actor true love is Leonardo DiCaprio of course and my true true love is Jeremiah but he knows he might be dropped in a second for either one of the above 2 :)


Shannon said...

This "Texas sister-in-law" will try not to be offended... :). Have you guys found anything interesting in Temecula? There's a house around the corner from us if you reconsider...

Brandi Entrekin said...

Hey SAlly, They have a ton of cute layouts on there. check it out. You're blog is super cute. Brandi