Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hard Wood Floors

So Josh (my brother-in-law), Jessica (brother-in-laws girlfriend) and I decided to pull the carpet out of the living room and dining room last night. It was so easy coming up that I thought to myself that maybe all that I would have to do was vacuum and then give it a good mop and they would look fabulous. Think again...

All I have to say is that the people that lived here before us were CRAZY and GROSS!!! They glued and stapled the carpet pad to the floor and also decided to paint before putting the carpet down and did not bother to put a tarp down!

Here is the "before" with carpet...please forgive the lack of decor, I have yet to decide on how we will decorate this space and we are also getting a new TV for the wall so this one is just here as a transition.
Now here is the "after" without the carpet...not much better but still an improvement.

And here are the hurdles...
1. cleaning up all the glue from the floor (goo-be-gone here we come)
2. pulling up all the staples
3. pulling up all the carpet tack strips
4. sanding the floors
5. staining the floors
6. sealing the floors
Easy job, right???
Here is an example of how they painted without drop cloths.

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Jesse said...

It will be okay. Just some elbow grease! We need new carpet upstairs but only have subflooring! SO atleast you have something to work with just rent a floor sander! It will be easy but maybe be careful who sands ;)!