Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sneak peak

Here is a sneak peak of our new home. I have so many ideas and colors that I want to play with but for now I have to finish unpacking my last few boxes and get ready for the bridal event I am co-hosting on Sunday afternoon. But here it is...

The cute front where I want to paint the shutters, trim and the porch railing black and take down the tacky letters that spell out the address. Plus plant some really cute and colorful flowers in the flower beds.

Here is the oh so cute but very tiny dining room with a cute built in cabinet. My sister put the whole thing together for me when she helped me unpack all of the wedding gifts. She made it look so cute :). I am thinking a soft cool blue on the walls with a really cool blue and cream print on the chairs seats (I will be stripping these chairs and painting them cream to match the table and head chairs). Oh and of course my wedding chandelier hanging above the table instead of this ugly one!

Then there is the kitchen which needs to have the cabinets painted a nice cream/ivory and a new butcher block counter with a subway tile back splash and new tile flooring.

It has been really fun starting to make this our home and Jeremiah is very excited to have all these fun "house" tasks. We went to Bed, Bath and Beyond on Monday night and you would have thought that he walked into a dream land! He was so excited about EVERYTHING there. He wanted to buy a salad spinner, table clothes, garlic presses, trivets, anything that caught his eye and stuck him as "NEAT". It was fun to watch and very surprising because I didn't think that he would EVER want to go to a home store let alone have fun in it. I had planned on going by myself to pick up a few things and he told me over the phone, "No, wait till I get home and we'll go together." So I did and we went and had fun using our wedding gift cards. Then yesterday he said "you want to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond again to browse?" Browse!!! Since when does Jeremiah just want to go someplace and BROWSE?!?!?! I love that he is so cute and unpredictable sometimes :).

So long story stories are never short :)...we are settling in and having fun "Playing House." Well I guess we're not playing anymore and this is real life. Hmmm, married, bought a home with my husband, talking about having kids soon...I guess I am a "Grown Up."

And apparently "Mr. I love Bed Bath and Beyond" is a "Grown Up" too? :)


redheadchick said...

Wow! Next thing you know he'll be using the words "shopping" and "sale!"

Jesse said... soon, I'm so excited!!!!

ruthie said...

miah is hilar! such a change since you got married! why didn't i get a shout-out for the cute dining room? :)

Liz said...

Hey did you take your transfer-ware knobs with you? I was wondering about that! Ruthie cute dining room ~ wanna come help me too! Giggle!