Friday, September 4, 2009

My Husbands Birthday!!!

(circa 2004-ish)

Today is Jeremiah's Birthday!!!! So today I dedicate this post to my wonderfully loving and funny husband :). Where to start, for those of you that don't know my lovely husband here are a few stats...

Name: John Jeremiah
DOB: September 4th, 1980
Age today: 29 (1 year till he hits the big 3-0)
Family ranking: youngest of 6 (he had 4 brothers and 1 sister) he's the baby to the core!
Passions: starting businesses, eating good food and of course Church
His age when I met him: 17!

So over the past 11.5 years what have I learned about the guy that I thought was so cute in his white beanie at track practice? Actually rather than talk about what I have learned about him, I'm going to talk about what I have learned from him. Jeremiah has taught me true love, forgiveness, honesty, communication and most importantly the Bible. It was through Jeremiah's teaching and patience that I have come to have the relationship with God that I have today and for that I am very grateful.

Things that I love about him: his sense of humor, his playful attitude, his complete support of all my business ventures, his love of wedding flowers :), his need to TALK everything through even when I just want to be mad and storm out, his love of his family, his ENORMOUS family, his passion for food, his dark curly hair, his pasty white skin, his constant humming and singing of church songs, his new found obsession with flossing, his love of his 13 nieces and nephews, the idea of him being a father, his soft kisses and his love and respect for God and His word (these are just a few)

So, now you know a little more about the Birthday Boy :)


Liz said...

Actually Sally this picture was taken in 2002. Jonathan put Blue's ears on "Unca Miah" because he wanted to cheer him up since that day they had to shut down a garage at state because someones car was on fire!!!! hugs.

Brandi Entrekin said...

Very Cute!! Happy birthday to your hub.