Saturday, September 12, 2009


Started packing last night. Yep that's right, we are moving! My sister and I are selling our cute little 2/1 bungalow with black and white checker kitchen floors in the cute neighborhood of El Cerrito and Jeremiah and I are moving to 3/2 bungalow in a cute old neighborhood of Chula Vista. It's definitely going to need a little work and love on my part but I am excited to decorate and tackle some DIY projects. As of now we are scheduled to close escrow on Tuesday and start moving on Wednesday.

It will be sad to not live with my sister anymore but exciting starting a new home with my husband, one that I can make completely my own. I already have so many ideas and I will share them as they come. Idea the carpet out to reveal the pretty hard wood floors (plus the idea of living on someone elses carpet really grosses me out, eww). Idea two...strip the kitchen cabinets and paint them a rich cream, then tear out the counter to get a butcher block counter and tile the back splash with a cream subway tile. That will be a big project! But I know I can do it :)

Here is an example of the look of all 3 together but this is SOOOO not what my future kitchen looks like. It is a regular galley kitchen and small but it will definitely benefit from a little makeover. Someday I will have this large kitchen but for now I will start small :).

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!!! I am off to make some flowers for a 75th birthday tonight :)


Jesse said...

I'm excited for you guys! You will make it look great! Hugs!

Caroline B said...

Congrats Sally! How exciting. Just saw your posts. I can't wait to see your new place!