Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2 years later...Dressers

I am NO where near finished with our bedroom. it always seems to get pushed back on the "home to-do" list.  Pretty much all that has been done is that we have painted the walls, hung some drapes and put down about 1/3 of the baseboards.  Now that the nursery is done and most of the house is pretty much done (a few details here and there need to be tended to) I hope to really concentrate more on our bedroom.

To start, I was really getting tired of the plastic dressers that we were using in the closets.  I haven't had a dresser since probably 2007 and I thought I didn't need one for so long.  The big plastic dresser worked just fine for a while but with the need to fill some space in our room and the frustration of not enough storage space in the closet, it was time for some dressers.  Of course I didnt want to buy something new or to matchy matchy so I hit up craigslist.  I found the dresser on the Left (Jeremiahs side) for $45 and when I went to pick it up the guy selling it had the one on the Right (my side) for $65.  I told him I would give him $100 for both and the deal was made.

I am still debating between keeping them the original color/finish or painting them.  If I did paint them I was thinking either off-white or maybe something a little more bold.  I was originally going to keep the room very calm and clean with all whites and light blues but now I am leaning towards a more eclectic and mis-matchy theme; something a little more Anthropologie-esque.  Here are some pictures of the new additions.

They are already proving to be worth the $100 in space and organization alone.  Plus I didnt realize how empty the room looked without them next to the bed, they do a perfect job at filling in the space.  I would share before photos but I still need to organize them from the recovery process I had done when I lost (well accidentally deleted) all my photos.

I have found some inspiration photos on Pinterest so with these new dressers being the base of my eclectic room, what would I need to acheive these looks and feels?

Source: bhg.com via Sally on Pinterest

I am thinking I need some colorful pillows, a throw at the end of the bed, a bold rug and some cool art work with a touch of subtle pink. 

As usual, lots to do and even more to dream about.

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ruthie said...

Definitely making the room look a lot better. I think you should leave them natural while younget some other accents and then make the decision when you are done. I think pulling in some pinkish pillows would be good. Btw...you have lived there 2 years!