Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Birth Story, part 4

I realize that this story is taking a long time but I promise that I am wrapping it up; I figure, 4 days of labor, 4 days of posts.

So there I was laying in the operating room scared, tired and anxious but mostly excited to finally be at the end where I was going to meet my very first baby.  After I was prepped, Jeremiah came in and they got started.  We were in there for maybe 10 minutes when all of a sudden I heard them say, it's a BOY and then he started crying...and then I started crying.  I was so excited to see him but since he had meconium in his water and they need to suction his throat and clean him up I had to wait.  It seemed like an eternity but then they brought him around I got my first look at my baby and I was so IN LOVE.  I was really drowsy from all the meds and from not sleeping for so long so I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep my eyes open long enough to see the little guy but as soon as I did, I was wide awake and just wanted to hold him.  Of course my arms were strapped down so I couldn't so all I could do was kiss him as Jeremiah held him next to my face and give him little Eskimo kisses but still I was totally in LOVE.  I did however think to myself, "wow that's a chubby swollen face" but he was still so beautiful.  Jeremiah kept saying how he thought he looked like my dad, which I didn't and still don't see, but I was so amazed at all his hair when they took his hat off.  I had been imagining for 9 months (well maybe longer) what he would look like and while he didn't look like I had imagined, for some reason I thought he would have light hair, I immediately recognized him like I had known him all my life.  Even now, 6 weeks later, when I look at him I feel as if he has always been a part of me and I have dreamt about him or I have seen him before.  To me he is the most beautiful thing, person, being that I have ever seen and I feel like I have always had him and he was always meant to be mine.

There he was, Mr. Eli Buster Gonzalez, the newest member of our world born at 9:03 AM on September 24, 2011...our ADVENTURE of parenthood had begun.

After about an hour and a half they were finally done stiching me back up and putting me back together, Jeremiah said it looked like a bomb had gone off inside me, we finally got wheeled out and I FINALLY got to hold my little Eli.
We were wheeled into recovery and then everyone got to meet him and we said good bye to our duellas.
 Jeremiah saying good bye to our duellas.
 Eli meets Nani and Papi.
 Aunt Jessica and Uncle Josh.
 A proud Papa
 Baby Buster meets Grandpa Buster.
Nana says hi to the sweet baby.
 BFF Rachel with Baby Eli
Big Nana and Big Tata meet their newest great-grand child.

Well that is the whole birth story of our Eil Buster, four parts later seems like a lot but I wanted to make sure I recorded it all.  He is such a wonderful blessing and perfect addition to our lives and nothing could make us happier than having him here with us happy and healthy, no matter how much drama it took to get him here.

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Liz said...

I STILL can't believe the drama of that story. Try living it thousands of miles away with only the random update was hard too! :) Can't wait to cuddle with Mr. Eli!