Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birth Story, part 3

Well there I was finally giving myself permission to "give up" (as I saw it) and get some rest.  After crying to Jeremiah and crying for my sister, no one actually saw this but Jeremiah but when the time came for me to make my decision, I had this overwhelming need to talk to my sister about it and have her tell me that it was okay. (P.S.  she was in Germany and Spain this entire time)  It is funny to look back on it now but I really wanted to talk to someone, other than/in addition too Jeremiah that would tell me everything would be alright and that it was "ok" and that person was my twin sister.  Again, in the end it was me who needed to say that it was ok but I felt this need to get approval from someone else.  It was around 8 or 9 in the evening and just as I was telling the staff that I DID in fact want the epidural now, our 2 duellas arrived to help out.  At first I thought that it would be totally un-necessary to have them there since I was indeed about to have the epidural so what would I need them for, but they really proved to be very helpful and one of the best parts of our experience.

So Mr. Anesthesiologist came in, epidural inserted, rest and relaxation I thought.  After I was able to rest for a while, we said good bye to our wonderful supporters for another night and told them we would call if anything happened.  The nurses and mid-wife wanted me to get some rest so lights out and off to la-la land we went.  Once again, I was just to anxious to be getting closer to meeting our little guy so I would doze off for a minute or two here and there but I never got much sleep.  Plus, there were constant doctors and nurses coming in and out to check on me so sleep never really got accomplished but Jeremiah got a nice nap which I was happy to see.

Over all the epidural made me feel "icky", my legs felt like they blew up 2,000 times and the medicine kept shifting from side to side.  But, it was a relief from the contractions.

Around 3 AM, I was "checked" to see if I had made any progress and I was at a 7 so back to resting we went.  Then around 5AM I was "checked again and I was still at a 7, that's when decisions had to be made.  The mid-wife, who was actually a man, told us that we were now approaching 48 hours after my water had been broken, there was meconium in the water, the babies head was "molding", my cervix was getting swollen and his head was basically stuck so it was time for a C-Section.  Dun Dun Dun! 

Well being the tired and overwhelmed new mother that I was, I started crying because to me a c-section was bad and it was so opposite of how I had envisioned this entire process going but I had to take a breath, talk with Jeremiah and realize that it was what was best for Eli and it was time to get the little guy out.  Back on the phones Jeremiah went to call everyone back and shortly after that everyone arrived for the BIG was FINALLY happening.  SO back came my parents, Jeremiah's parents, my bestie Rachel and my brother and sister-in-law Josh and Jessica.  (My brother was in LA so he called to tell me he was on his way down and my sister was in Germany getting updates here and there when she could).  Here are some wonderful pictures my brother in law Josh took of that morning, there is video footage too but I dont have that.

 Me with the duellas
 My parents talking to me before I go in
 Jeremiah getting ready for the big event.
Rachel and Jessica giving a "thumbs up...meaning, Good luck?  Good job?"  Not sure but I was so happy to have them there. 

Shortly after this I was wheeled away and taken to the operating room and was ready to meet Eli.

These are getting long and I am getting tired so I didn't edit this one.  Sorry.

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