Thursday, November 17, 2011


I think I want to make a quilt.  Not a patchworky or patterned quilt but something a little more modern or sophisticated.  Maybe something like on one of these...

 Of course with all my other unfinished projects:
  • bedroom
  • baseboards in bedroom, living room and hallway
  • painted wallpaper in kitchen
I am thinking this might be a little to much to take on, especially with the new baby and all.  Oh and then there is the engagement season that is right around the corner that will have me busy with appointments and writing estiamtes for 2012 brides.  Hmmm, can't decide, can't decide.  I have always wanted to make a quilt and I figure with these kinds of patterns, even if it isn't perfect it won't matter.  Maybe it's a crazy unrealistic dream or maybe not.

First I should write out a to-do list of house projects to finish with pictures first to hold me accountable, that seemed to work on the nursery to-do list, and not start the quilt till I finish all the other items.

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