Friday, February 24, 2012

A NEW Bed!

In true form, instead of finishing my bedroom, I have decided to change my plans yet again.  When my Tata passed away last month my mom and her siblings decided to change out my grandmothers bed from her 4 post bed to a shorter bed frame since she is not so steady on her feet anymore.  They were going to donate the old bed that my grandparents had for (I assume) their whole married life.  I told my mom I wanted it and a few days later my dad dropped it by my house.

It is currently a dark brown that will not go in my room and that does not show off its true character and details.  I am thinking of painting it either a light gray or maybe a creamy white.  I was in the garage re-organizing the other day and decided to snap a few shots of it to share.  Please ignore all the saw dust, these were taken after we finished the footboard.

I love the round balls on the top of the posts and the rungs along the foot board.  I really need help on the color though....gray or creamy white???

Really looking forward to this project soon and I hope to always have this bed in our family.  I have many fond memories of hanging out on it, playing with my cousin and sister on it, and taking naps in this bed.  I am honored to have it.

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