Friday, February 10, 2012

Spring Wreath Tutorial

While Eli took a nap a few days ago and while Jeremiah was home, I snuck in a craft project.  I wanted to make a spring wreath and I had some stuff laying around (well mostly flower stuff in my flower studio) so I turned this lovely one out. 

Here is what I started with:
-round foam wreath form
-ribbon of various colors
-glue gun and glue sticks
-scraps of material
-bag of left over moss
-craft bird and mini nest

I wrapped the wreath with a light green ribbon so that if the moss didn't cover the entire wreath solidly then the color behind it would blend in.
As I went along wrapping I added a squirt of glue about every 2-3 inches
Then I was left with this

Next I started gluing the moss to the front of the wreath  and was left with this. 

I decided that I was going to have to fill in the outside as well as the inside so I started gluing more.  The moss has its own shape so I just glued piece by piece and no order or fashion, just where it was needed.

I glued the bird into the nest.
I made 4 flowers.  The largest fabric flowers is a tutorial from Jones Design Company here as well as the rolled fabric flower here
The other/ribbon flowers are just simple flowers I played around with till I found something I like.  For the orange flower the you tube video here best describes it and for the blue flower I just made 2 loops and cinched the middles and then glued one on top of the other.

Decide placement of all the fun items

Hang on the door and admire.

Hope you enjoy and have fun making your own.  Anyone else have fun wreaths they have made lately?

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