Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring decorating can be just as fun

Usually Fall and Christmas decorating is my most favorite time of year but this year I really enjoyed creating special decor for the Spring.  I was searching on Pinterest for something pretty and Springy but not to commercial Easter.  I found these images as inspiration...

Which helped me to come up with these cute items around my living room.
 Best thing about this project...its cost me $5.00!  I had all the apothecary jars in my living room already and the moss, birdies, and nest were from past weddings.  The only thing I had to buy were the eggs from Michaels

Items I used:
-regular green moss (can be bought at Michaels)
-Spanish moss (also can be bought at Michaels)
-Birds (I think they came from Save on Crafts)
-Nest (I think that came from Save on Crafts too)
-Pastel eggs from Micheals
-Manzanita branch piece (sand blasted)

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redheadchick said...

I love the idea of a bow on the candle! These are great ideas, I love the end result too!