Monday, February 27, 2012

Now, he's eating food!

Our little boy is growing up too FAST!  We tested out "solids" this past weekend and while he isn't 100% about it, he is getting more and more into it each time.  We decided to start with bananas as his first real food, not quite sure if he was as into the taste as I thought he would be.  I assumed something like bananas would be an easy start, maybe he just wasn't sure about the feeling in his mouth and the fact that he needed to swallow it.  Since then we have tried carrots and peas which he seems to really like.

I have a Baby Bullet so I plan on making most, if not all, of his puree food for a while and then we will transition him to just eating what we eat cut up into tiny bites.  He is breastfeed right now and I will continue that until at least 12 months, so for now I am just giving him one small portion of the baby food once a day.
And just because bath time was so cute that night, here is an adorable bath time shot.

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