Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Slow Down

Will life ever slow down so that I will be able to...
  • finish my baseboards
  • finish my bedroom
  • paint the new bed I got 
  • blog more
  • keep up with my work emails
  • re-do my bathroom
  • etc, etc, etc...
I am beginning to realize the answer is NO.  Soooo, instead I am learning that I need to prioritize no longer take on too much.  I have a wonderful baby now and he requires so much more love and attention then my baseboards or bedroom so even though I feel like I am falling behind in so many things, I am happy just the same.  I am happy to squeeze in a few emails here and there and let projects just pile up if it means I can go to the park with Eli or the zoo on a play date.  I am happy to enjoy these precious moments that I fear are passing so fast already.  

Moral of the story is, please forgive me if these posts are not fun house projects or cool happenings in my life because to me the coolest happening and the most exciting thing going on is my precious Eli.
(sorry for the quality of this photo, it is a phone picture taken from a screen is a sneak peak of the family photos we had taken by our wonderful wedding photographer Andy King)


Brandi Entrekin said...

What a cutie pie!

Shannon said...

Love this post. What a cute pictue too.