Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bed is done!

I got a chance to paint the bed I got from my grandparents last week and love the way it turned out.  My mom came over to see it and told me that if she had known it was going to be that cute, she would have kept it for herself :)...too late!

Here she is...

And just as a reminder, here is what she looked like before.

Now that the bed is in the room though, I am definitely going to forgo the idea of leaving the dressers the original color and I will be painting them white to match the gray blue bed a little better.  Also, I am not loving the color of my walls now but I will have to live with them because the thought of painting that room again makes me nauseous. 

I just love the bed, I love the details and the shape and the color.  Oh and as an added bonus, our bed is no longer on wheels so it doesn't roll all over the place making it hard to reach my phone or lamp, which I hated.  I LOVE it!

Project details:
1.  I lightly sanded the wood with a medium grit sanding block
2.  Wiped all the dust off
3.  Gave it 1 coat of Rust-Oleum’s Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover 2x gray primer
4.  Gave it 2 coats of Rust-Oleum’s Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover 2x in Winter Gray

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