Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Ever feel overwhelmed as a Mother, Business Person, Wife, Housekeeper, Cook...Woman.  Today I feel overwhelmed!  There is Exquisite Blooms work, housework, DIY projects, shower planning, books to read, tax stuff to prepare, and most importantly a very precious baby to be taken care of.  Today I just feel tired and like it will never get done.  Maybe I need a weekly schedule to help me divide up the work throughout the week.  Or maybe I need to realize that some of these things just won't get done.  Either way I am overwhelmed today.

I know I need to take a breath and let it all go and focus on what needs to be done.  Baby 1st, Exquisite Blooms work 2nd and everything else lumped into 3rd.  Writing it out is making me feel better already.

Step 1...nap time for Eli
Step 2...ExB paperwork

A cute picture of my cutey to brighten my day and remind me that it is about him and everything else comes 2nd.

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