Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sally and the 3 desks

3 desks later (I never shared the other 2) I have the perfect desk/office area.  The 1st desk was one that I was going to refinish or paint but never got around to and then I decided that it was too small.  the 2nd desk was a beast!  It was a corner desk that was very solid and a very nice piece of furniture but it was just too big.  This new desk and shelving unit is just right.  It makes me feel at peace with my work space and that is very important when trying to run an at home business.  Here are the final "progress" pictures.  I still have some cubes to finalize and the top to decorate, but the majority of it is done.

Oh and just so you know what I was working with are some shots of the old desk that was more of a catch all than a desk.  My wonderful husband and awesome brother-in-law had to haul it out and I believe that at one point they wanted to kill me, sorry boys ;).

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Shannon said...

Wow! Your desk looks really does your bed. Want to take another trip out to Texas? I need someone with vision to tackle my house :)