Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our little Leprechaun

It's always so fun to come home from a night away (last night was Book Club) and find fun pictures on my camera.  Here is the narrative behind Jeremiah and Eli's photo fun they had last night...

Being that it was March, Eli and Daddy decided to go hunting for some Leprechauns...

They got out the Lucky Charms (I was surprised to learn we had these in our pantry), found a stick, got a basket, and made a Leprechaun Trap.  Then they hid and waited. 

Then wouldn't you know...out came a Leprechaun and he was caught!  Well kind of, apparently he didn't fit under the basket.
And what a cute Leprechaun he was.

Later he found a little outfit to put on since he was cold without and clothes on.

Apparently Daddy and Eli let him go, because there was no sign of him when I got home. 

They crack me up :)

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