Monday, September 27, 2010

East Coast trip

(started this blog post on Thursday Sept. 23rd)

Well I should be making flowers right now for 2 weddings this weekend but my flower delivery is not here yet and apparently behind schedule so I will have to procrastinate for now and at least start to tell about our fabulous weekend on the East Coast.

Well we left on the red eye last Wednesday night and arrived bright at 10 AM in Boston Thursday morning.  Wait...let me back up for a little "Sally" story. 1st we had to go pick up Jacy and then we were going to pick up my mom and she was going to drop us off at the airport in my car.  Okay so we pick up jacy and decide that we all want Lolitas for dinner (side note: anyone from the south bay knows that this is the best food you'll ever eat in the world, seriously!  Well we are kind of biased because we all grew up on it but it it seriously good!) so we pull into the parking lot, Jeremiah and Jacy jump out to go get the food.  I need gas so I up to the gas station to buy gas and what happens?!?!?  The car locks with the keys in the ignition!!!  Now I am not taking full blame for this because this never happens to me and I ALWAYS leave the keys in the car when pumping gas but somehow that day, of all days, the car locked (I think Jeremiah hit the lock button, just saying).  I start to panic thinking we are going to miss our flight but Jeremiah calls his brother to have his keys brought over (we were just down the street from our house) so that car can be opened and in a flash we are back on the road eating our Lolitas.  But wait it doesn't end there...Fast forward to us getting dropped at the curb of the airport.  We get out, say our goodbyes and off we go, vacation here we come!  5 minutes later I realize I left my cell phone in the car and my mom is long gone.  So there are the 2 "Sally" stories to start this journey with.  Not having my phone was not that big of a deal except that I was looking forward to Facebooking our adventures and using the internet if needed along the way.  Moving on...

So like I said earlier, we arrived in Boston at 10 AM and instead of renting a car we bought a 7-Day public transportation pass for only $15 and headed out for our 1st subway adventure.  Side note:  I L-O-V-E cities with a really good public transportation system!  It's one of my favorite things about traveling.  When Jeremiah and I were in Rome we used their bus and subway system and went all over.  When my sister, cousin and I were in NYC the subway was amazing.  It is a cheap, fun and efficient way to get around a city;  I wish San Diego had a better public transit system.  So we catch the silver line bus, luggage and all, and head to the "Pru" (Prudential building) where our Sheraton hotel (thanks for the hook up Rachel) awaits.  After a quick check in and freshen up we hit the streets to explore.  We headed outside, found Boylston Street and walked all around Boston from the Prudential building all the way up to Boston Common through some parks and along the most gorgeous looking streets I have ever seen.  While in Boston Common we stopped to grab a bite at the Cheers Bar, it looked NOTHING like Cheers.  The sign was the same outside and apparently the actual bar was a replica but it looked nothing like the TV show...kind of disappointing.
From there we walked up to Qunicy Market and then over to see Paul Reverie's House.  Along the way we found this really cool cemetary...

Some of these headstones were from the 1600's!!! 

We made our way over to Paul Reveries house but by this time both Jeremiah and Jacy were clearly bored of "seeing the sights" and learning the history and would not pay the whopping $3.50 to see the inside of Paul Reveries house so I went in alone.  It was kind of interesting to see and I learned that the house was the only 17th century home left in Boston, kinda cool.  Over all not too exciting, just cool to see and since I was traveling with 2 guys, this ended the history portion of the vacation.
 I love cobblestones!!!  Makes me wonder about all the people and things that have walked on these and events that happened.
Paul Reverie's House

After this little walk in history I decided that maybe it was time to cut this little lesson and head back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We caught the subway back to the "Pru" and got dressed up for a little dinner on the town.  The night went something like this...

  • we wanted to eat seafood in a NON-tourist spot
  • asked the concierge for a recommendation, he recommened the "Seafood Shack" across the street, it looked like Joes Crab Shack AND had the work shack in it so we passed
  • went outside, asked the bellman for a recommendation, he told us to go to the Cheesecake Factory!!!  I think NOT!  
  • down the street we went and stopped a girl along a bridge that told us to go to Southend (not Southie) to a place called B&G Oysters...perfect!  Plus she was from Carlsbad but living in Boston, cool!
  • Off we went for another walking adventure to Southend...
It was a lovely dusk walk filled with brownstone homes and lots of trees.  We arrived in Southend, which was a very cute part of town, found B&G Oysters but the wait was something like 2 hours so we moved on.  After checking out a few places along the way with no luck we jumped back on the subway all the way to the marina and found the best restaurant on the water where we at the BEST clam chowder and I had a lobster with a plate of mussels for $19.99!  DE-Lish!  Here are some funny pictures of the poor lobster that I completely devoured.

  Well that was pretty much it for day 1...

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