Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We're off to the East Coast!!!

Yep, tomorrow night we leave on the red eye for Boston and New Hampshire!  It was a completely last minute trip that was thought about, planned and booked within a matter of 24 hours, so fun.  On Friday afternoon Jeremiah called and asked if I had talked to our friend Jacy, I replied that I had not and Jeremiah told me that he was going to Boston and wanted to know if we wanted to come along.  I immediately yelled YES and hung up on Jeremiah to call Jacy.  Jacy told me that he had a competition in New Hampshire on the 18th and 19th (he is a Drum Major, see here) and that he was flying into Boston wanted us to come hang out.  The next morning he came over and we booked the tickets!  Done! 

However, as much as I love being spontaneous, I also get anxious and I instantly felt guilty about leaving my twin sister on our birthday.  We didn't have any plans set in stone but we had been hoping to do something fun for this year, last year we dorked it out and went to Disneyland in matching outfits.  Well sorry sis, I do feel kinda guilty about leaving you, especially since a lot of our friends will also be on the east coast in NY, but I just gotta go!  It's an opportunity I just gotta take, I know you'll forgive me :).  Plus this is just the thing you have been telling me I can do since my job is flexible and I literally only have 1 weekend off from August to November.  This was just the thing I needed and was longing for in these posts from July and August, remember.

Ok, ok, now that I have worked out my guilt ;), moving on...

I have so many things I want to do and see not only in Boston but in NH and along the way.  I want to see all the historical sites in Boston but also experience the local atmosphere.  I want to sit in Harvard square and watch all the smart people go to class.  I want to stop at a local antique shop and pick up something really cute and east coasty for my house, I want to see a lighthouse, eat good food and just take it all in. 

We are going to a place in New Hampshire for Saturday and Sunday called Loon Mountain and it looks absolutely beautiful.  While Jacy competes, I figure Jeremiah and I can explore trails like this...
I am really looking forward to it and I hope to share it all when I get back.

Now I have to finish my work for the week and start packing.

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ruthie said...

don't worry after lots of crying on our bday i will get over it!!! :) j/k i am happy for you! have tons of fun. i want to go to new hampshire! it looks like fun!