Monday, September 13, 2010

Jeremiah's Birthday...

He turned 30 this year!!!  

We had a small BBQ at my sisters house on his actual birthday, the 4th, with some close friends and family.  This is the only picture from that night :(

Then on Sunday we had a nice lunch (pulled pork sandwiches and coleslaw, mmm) at my parents house with Jeremiah's parents, 3 of his 5 siblings and 4 of his 13 nieces and nephews, here are some pictures.
P.S.  that's a Tiramisu cake from San Diego Desserts, good idea Marcie :)
For Jeremiah's big 30th I got him an iPhone and a Wii, I actually gave them to him about a month ago because I just couldn't wait and he was excited about both.  He has never had a good phone so the iPhone was a treat, especially since he is self employed now and needs to keep up with emails all day. 

The Wii was one of those gifts that is disguised as a gift for him but really for me...well it was suppossed to be that way.  So here's a little side story...I saw a commercial for Netflix and the Wii, you know that one that says you can get Netflix streamed right to your TV through the Wii?  Ya well i was totally sold, I went online and bought one immediately and signed up for Netflix (advertising and commercials are one of my biggest weaknesses, I am always "sold").  I figured the Wii would serve multiple purposes, gaming console, Netflix receiver and DVD player...WRONG!!!  Yes it is a gaming console and we have had fun playing Tetris, however, while it is a Netflix receiver, come to find out our TV is ALSO a Netflix receiver.  To top that off, it doesn't play DVD's!  Oh well, we have had fun with it anyway.  Sometimes I really am just way to impulsive! 

All in all, we had a good weekend and I hope he had a wonderful 30th birthday.  Plus...we have exciting plans for this coming weekend (my birthday) which will kind of serve as a birthday month present to both of us!!!  So excited, stay tuned...

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