Thursday, September 2, 2010

Step Up 3D...yep I saw it and I liked it :)

Went to see Step Up 3D on Tuesday night with my sis and of course, really really liked it :).  We have seen every Step Up in theatres so if we a MUST that we see this one as well, plus it was 3D!  Now I will say this, the acting has gotten progressively worse since the 1st movie, which is quite comical since the acting was horrendous in the 1st one, but we still loved it.  The dancing is just so good and makes me envious, plus each movie has a super cute guy in it and this guy was definitely the cutest of them all, sorry Channing Tatum.  If you like dance movies, which I obviously do, it's a must see...well maybe not a must see but it's very entertaining none the less.

Jeremiah turns 30 on Saturday!!!  I am throwing him a little BBQ at my sisters house, hopefully I will have pictures to share next week.  

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