Wednesday, September 29, 2010

more East Coast...

So the next day we checked out of our hotel, bought tickets for the Redsox game on Monday night and headed over to Fenway park to check it.
 After hanging out there for a while we headed back over to Quincy market where we all enjoyed a full lobster lunch, very delicious, before we headed off to the airport to pick up the rental car that would take us to New Hampshire.

side note:  here is picture I snapped on the way out of Boston, DUNKIN DONUTS...there are Dunkin Donuts EVERYWHERE!  Every corner you turn there is one so I had to take a picture and this one has a very classy looking black and gold sign which kind of disguises it.
Moving along...we drove up to NH and landed in Littleton.  We stayed at a cute little inn where our room had 2 bedrooms and a little kitchenette, very quaint.  The next morning we headed off to the Highland games where Jacy took 1st place in his drum major competition.
 (I took the above picture for his Mom but my sister thinks it should be, "the official picture of Jacy's drum major-ness")

After the competition, Jeremiah and I left the games to explore the area.  We went up to the Flume gorge and it was absolutely beautiful.

That day was my birthday so even though I was away from my twin sister (she got a surprise party while I was gone) I got to celebrate with Jeremiah, Jacy and some Irish and Scottish.  We had a really good dinner and enjoyed hanging out with everyone.
The next day was the last day of the highland games, Jacy set the World Record for the high toss, and all the drum majors were treated to dinner at with their friends and family.  We had a really good time getting to know such a close knit group that travel from state to state and overseas for the love of their traditions.

The last day of our trip was spent heading from NH back to Boston where we turned our car in and checked our bags at the Hilton airport hotel so that we could head down to the Redsox game at Fenway.  We had bought the tickets for only $9 a piece on stub hub and Jeremiah and Jacy were eager to see the game.  Fenway is such a cool stadium because it's so old, but beyond the actual structure the fans are so loyal and proud that being there for a game was such a an awesome experience.  I am a converted Redsox fan, sorry Padres!  Plus check out the cute sweater I treated myself to :).

(apparently the the Green Monster is the big green wall in outfield at Fenway, I thought it was a person...learn something new everyday :) )

So those are the highlights of our trip...hope you enjoyed!


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