Thursday, September 9, 2010

I ran today :/

I decided it is time to get back in shape, for real!  Plus, if I'm going to get pregnant again soon, fingers crossed, I want to make sure that I am in really good shape this time.  If you scroll down, you will see that I have added a new widget on the right hand side, it is my "DailyMile" widget to keep me accountable.  I am not saying that I will run everyday but hopefully I will run more often than I blog ;). 

I went for my 1st mile today and it was really really rough but I did it and I feel better already.  I had to stop along the way to walk for a bit but I tried to push myself a little at a time.  A few years ago I had a personal trainer and I loved it.  She pushed me really hard and sometimes I would get so frustrated I would yell back (instead of crying) but I always felt really good and in turn I ate really good.  I don't have a personal trainer anymore but I am going to really push myself and get motivated.  I figure if I put this DailyMile widget on here then maybe it will make me feel more accountable because some (even if it's only a few) people are watching.  I am going to try to mix in a little at home workouts as well, pilates or something like that.  Jeremiah downloaded P90X but I am not sure if I can do that all by myself, I am afraid it will be really hard and I will just give up.

Wish me luck!

P.S.  a little encouragement never hurts :)

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Lisa R said...

LUCK!!! You can do it! Should we start a saturday morning run club? Where should we meet...about 9am? Let me know, I'm down!